Manage payment and operational processes with ease for any business setup. We build for new start up and upgrading business processes, so that you can access everything you need in a single platform.

One Powerful Platform

Our software provides all features you need to run your business smoothly and effectively:

  • Payment Integration

    Our payment solution is designed for online and offline payment channels.

  • Mobile Ordering via QR code

    Scan, order, and pay directly using mobile devices.

  • Analytics & Reports

    Important data and highlights of your business is summarized to be easily understood and analyzed.

  • CRM & Loyalty

    Properly collect customer data to better engage and retain loyal customers and to reinforce consumer relationship by creating a truly rewarding experience.

  • Inventory management & Cost Control

    Automatic, precise, hassle-free and accessible inventory management.

  • Multi-store / Warehouse Management

    Obtain data or manage products between stores / warehouses at your fingertips.

Customized to Your Needs

We offer a comprehensive suite of business tools. We build the framework and systems helping you to decide what software & equipment to install and to fine-tune your website content depending on your business scale and strategy. Our technology solution can be fully customized to your unique business and your customers’ needs.


You can easily build extensions and new features to the Point of sale (POS) seamlessly by integrating with our Application Programming Interface (API). Our software, developed in-house, is an open and modular architecture designed to work with multiple APIs. Our platform provides continuous support to build extensions to meet operational requirements and to generate more profits.