Catch the opportunities and monitor business performance at anytime, anywhere with ease.

Manage Your Business from One Place

You can access important data and powerful tools from any device anywhere. Our Dashboard provides you with quick insights and advanced sales report, so that you can understand your financial position and inventory level at a glance. Having a good grasp of business performance at your fingertips can help you to make informed business decisions and plan for the future with confidence.

Cloud-Backed System

Unlike conventional storage practice, the backend of your business management system is stored on the Cloud securely instead of a physical workplace. You can get access to real time data through the internet, whenever and wherever you want. The system can be easily modified to respond to rapid-changing circumstances. You can check payments, adjust items, review inventory, go through analytics, and access the store database easily.

Readily and Seamless Offline Operations

Whenever you are experiencing internet outage or connectivity issue, our system immediately switches to Offline Mode and continues to work as normal. This way you will suffer no interruption and can operate as usual. Once your internet coverage is back, any changes you made while offline are automatically synchronized onto the Cloud.