A comprehensive on-demand Digital Coupon Platform for any businesses to create, distribute, redeem and manage coupons. It is simplest way ever, the businesses can create marketing campaigns with coupon, self help all the way, no technical skill is needed. Alternative businesses can integrate into existing or new system with our APIs.


Digital Coupon Platform for Merchants, Developers and Marketers

We believe that Digital Coupon is one of the most successful marketing tools for businesses to engaging an O2O experience for their customers. We obsessively seek out elegant, compassable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations. Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and running with Mezzofy in just a couple of minutes.


Easy to Create Coupon

We provide self-help guidance to merchant and no technical knowledge is required.


Supports Multi-Distribution Channel

Flexible to use combination of various channels to distribute the digital coupon.


Measure your campaign engagement to run next better campaign.


We can help businesses with coupon advertising campaign. These marketing campaigns can generate more sales and increase customer loyalty. We helps the merchant to achieve not the same but better results for their businesses by leveraging on our platform and expertise in Digital Coupon marketing.

Step 1 - Create Coupon

You can easily create your first e-coupon. Just do everything through our app, within three minutes, and coupons can be verified and redeemed.

Step 2 - Distribute

Sending your first e-voucher is also easy, you can do it all from our app. You can choose which e-coupons and channels to send.

Step 3 - Redemption

Redeeming your e-voucher is easy and you can do it through our app. You can scan the customer email coupon / enter the coupon number to process the redemption.