SuperbCat is a comprehensive self-developed software supports a full range of software solutions and service systems.

It helps you manage business, staff, clients, inventory and profit without hassles. Come and feel it now.

Empower Your Business with Enterprise Software Specially Built for Performance


Cloud-based and offline Point-of-Sale (POS) as well as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are applicable to merchants engaged in retail and F&B businesses. BlackCat facilitates your communication, and enables seamless transactions, with clients, no matter online, offline and anywhere in between.


Retail Business

WhiteCat is based on the WordPress (WP) technology exclusively for setting up and launching webpages. Boasting the Plug-in solely developed by FINTECH PAYMENT, WhiteCat is able to provide customers with smooth and pleasant shopping experience.

F&B Business

Advantages for customers to place orders and settle bills with their mobile phones without leaving the table:


With cloud-based ERP, merchants will be able to manage their businesses in an efficient way and to complete orders on schedule, as well as to maintain the quality and quantity of the “in and out” of inventory without concerning replenishment or shortage. CoralCat is also able to add APIs for system upgrading.

Inventory Management

Administration and Documentation

Membership and Loyalty Programme


A cloud-based ERP system specially designed for manufacturing workshops. In addition to functions of BlackCat and CoralCat, AmberCat also enables merchants to connect to external accounting systems and human resource management systems, for the sake of consolidating all functions to save costs and maximize returns.

*API (Application Programming Interface)